2019/11/29 The 15 th Golden Torch Award "Innovative Design of the Year"

Congratulations to Chaojia Xingye Co., Ltd.,
Won the innovative design of the year in the 15 th Golden Torch Award.
Lightweight gears and light-weight drive shafts of our subsidiary brand GStone,
Through the design of through holes and hollows, without changing the strength and balance of the product itself,
Reduce the weight of the product, reduce the frictional resistance between the transmission elements,
It can also reduce the load during rotation and improve the work efficiency.
Over the years, we have accumulated the strength of manufacturing gears and other transmission components,
More committed to product innovation and improvement,
And upgrade the process technology to the tooth grinding level,
We are constantly improving and revising from design to production process,
Just to make the product better and better,
With the attitude of rigor and fearless creation,
Treat every GStone product.


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